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Lenards Homestay Agency is a privately owned homestay placement service in Sydney offering a different style of Sydney accommodation which is not only suitable to everyone’s budget but will also bring you closer to experiencing the Multicultural Australian Lifestyle. The Agency has years of experience in assisting international students, professionals, and tourists with long and short term accommodation services in Sydney.

Our CEO, Ms. Zdenka Zena Lenard BA (Macquarie) is a highly experienced Accommodation Manager, who had originally personally interviewed, inspected, approved and monitored all Host families but now also employs four well trained casual Home Inspectors, Airport pick-up drivers & also a Marketing/Finance Adviser to help her out. The welfare and satisfaction of all clients is her first priority by providing an efficient, prompt and friendly accommodation service.


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Homestay accommodation in Sydney:

Sydney is known as the knowledge capital of Australia as it is home to major prestigious universities and other educational institutions. Checking out accommodation in Sydney? When you are about to fly to Sydney you may feel a bit tense to face the world alone in foreign soil. Not to worry! Lenards Homestay – your preferred choice!

Since inception in 1995, Lenards Homestay has been a boon to foreign students seeking cheap Sydney accommodation. All Lenards Homestays provide single or shared accommodation which includes private fully furnished rooms, access to all facilities including telephone, TV, internet connection, laundry and of course a warm friendly homestay environment. As homestay providers, our expertise in the field is highly appreciated!

Sydney is the first point of entry into homestay Australia for international students, professionals, and tourists. Lenards Homestays has over 900 selected short term and long term homestay accommodation options available including Homestays, Sydney Apartments and Share Apartments (part of a family home) available within a 50 km radius of Sydney City Centre & the beautiful Northern Beaches. Lenards offers a home away from home for many first-timers.

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