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Short Term, Long Term & International Student Accommodation
Lenards Homestay Agency Sydney

Providing Quality Homestay Shared Accommodation Services

Sydney Australia
Telephone +61299708099
  • Are you an international Student studying or just exploring beautiful Australia?

  • Maybe on working holidays in Sydney?

  • Need a place to stay but your accommodation budget is limited?

  • You don't know where to go or your English is poor?

  • Looking for a "home away from home"?

  • 您 是海外留学生或是旅游观光客?
  • 您 目前在悉尼度过工作假期?
  • 您 需要找个住处但是住宿预算有限?
  • 您 不知该住哪里或者您的英语水平较低?
  • 您 正在寻找“海外之家”?

  • 유 학생 또는 호주 여행을 하고있습니까?
  • 현 재 시드니에서 위킹홀리데이를 하고있습니까?
  • 숙 박경비가 부족하십니까?
  • 호 주 여행기에 대한 지식이없고 영어가 부족하십니까?
  • 호 주에 체류하고 있는동안 내집같은 부위기를 원하십니까?

  • 留 学生ですか、それとも旅行者ですか?
  • シ ドニーにワーキングホリデーに行くかも?!
  • 住 むところを探しているけど、予算に限りがある!
  • ど こに行けばいいかわからない、または英語に自身がない!
  • ま るで自分の家の様にに落ち着ける場所を探してますか?

Lenards Homestay Agency provides quality student accommodation or other long and short term accommodation in Sydney, Australia at minimal cost for those on a budget. We have been offering quality SINGLE or SHARED (a double room with 2 single beds) accommodation in Sydney since 1995 and have successfully served numerous international students and visitors from all over the world. We are privileged to offer you a different style of accommodation which is not only suitable to everyone's budget but will also bring you closer to experiencing the MULTICULTURAL AUSTRALIAN LIFESTYLE

About Zdenka Lenard

Ms Zdenka Lenard BA (Macquarie) is a highly experienced Accommodation Manager, who had originally personally interviewed, inspected, approved and monitored all Host families but now also employs four well trained casual Home Inspectors to help her out. The welfare and satisfaction of all clients is her first priority by providing an efficient, prompt and friendly accommodation service.

Prior to establishing her Lennard’s Homestay Agency in 1995 she held the position of Accommodation Officer and Office Manager at ACE College of English at Manly where she provided accommodation services for hundreds of international students from all over the world. Zdenka firmly believes that if you love what you are doing and offer a quality product with first class service then you can't help but have satisfied clients.

Lenards Homestay Agency - Sydney Australia