Lenards Homestay Agency Sydney.

About Lenards Homestay Agency

Lenards Homestay Agency is a privately owned homestay placement service in Sydney offering a different style of accommodation which is not only suitable to everyone’s budget but will also bring you closer to experiencing the Multicultural Australian Lifestyle.
Lenards Homestay Agency has years of experience in assisting international students, professionals and tourists with long and short term accommodation in Sydney.


Short Term, Long Term & International Student Accommodation


Providing Quality Homestay Shared Accommodation Services
Sydney Australia

+612 9970 8099

  • Are you an international Student studying or just exploring beautiful Australia?
  • Maybe on working holidays in Sydney?
  • Need a place to stay but your accommodation budget is limited?
  • You don’t know where to go or your English is poor?
  • Looking for a “home away from home”?

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