About Us

What Is Lenards Homestay Agency?

Lenards Homestay Agency is a privately owned Sydney apartments service offering a different style of cheap accommodation in Sydney which is not only suitable to everyone’s budget but will also bring you closer to experiencing the Multicultural Australian Lifestyle. The Agency has years of experience in assisting international students, professionals, and tourists with long and short term housing in Australia.

Our CEO, Ms. Zdenka Zena Lenard BA (Macquarie) is a highly experienced Accommodation Manager, who had originally personally interviewed, inspected, approved and monitored all Host families but now also employs four well trained casual Home Inspectors, Airport pick-up drivers & also a Marketing/Finance Adviser to help her out. The welfare and satisfaction of all clients is her first priority by providing an efficient, prompt and friendly accommodation in Sydney.

Prior to establishing her Lenard’s Homestay Agency in 1995, she held the position of Accommodation Officer and Office Manager at ACE College of English at Manly where she provided Sydney accommodation apartments for hundreds of international students from all over the world. Zdenka firmly believes that if you love what you are doing and offer a quality product with first class service then you can’t help but have satisfied clients.

Our Sydney accommodation apartments services include international students, international workers seeking temporary accommodation, travelers and tourists. We offer SINGLE or SHARED accommodation which includes private fully furnished rooms, access to all facilities including telephone, TV, internet connection, laundry and of course a warm friendly homestay environment.



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