My Australian experience…!


Sydney always has been in my bucket list, of cities to visit. And it was a dream come true, when I finally chose ‘The Harbour City’ as my destination for higher studies.

That was the first time I was going abroad and I was a little nervous as anyone would be. I googled a lot regarding things like affordable student hosting in Sydney, student residences in sydney, budget accommodation in Sydney, the best restaurants in and around Sydney etc……

The Right Choice

After my research through internet and consultations with my friends who had previous experiences with Sydney,  I contacted Lenards Homestay Agency, a Sydney based homestay provider. I  believe I chose one of the best options available for a complete beginner, since it was completely a wonderful experience for me.

And in case you didn’t know, Sydney has a lot of hostels, but most are not very comfortable as a Lenards Homestay.  

Since, Sydney is the first  point of entry into Australia for international students, professionals and tourists, many people end up staying in hostels long term until they find a more permanent arrangement. This makes a rather uncomfortable experience for those who are first arriving. The long termers have an established group of friends and may have taken the dorm space as such. Thankfully, Lenards Homestay, Sydney is not one  of these types of hostels.

A wide range of facilities within our Budget Limits!

Lenards Homestay Agency, Sydney  has over 900 selected short term and long term homestay accommodation options available including Homestays, Apartments and Share Apartments (part of a family home) available within a 50 km radius of Sydney City Centre & the beautiful Northern Beaches.

Their options of accommodations includes Single Rooms, Double Rooms, Short Stay Singles, Short Stay Doubles, Bed & Breakfast, Long term Accommodation & you can have Group Bookings (Over 12 Persons) for your stay.

My ‘Home away from Home’

There was so much to love about my days at the Lenards Homestay Agency, starting with the family who runs the homestay in Sydney. They were so friendly and caring, so that I even forgot I was new to the city! The food was simply awesome. This Sydney based homestay provider was  the perfect gateway to the multicultural Australian lifestyle, for me!

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