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accommodation in Sydney

When you first arrive in Sydney, Australia, you might be planning staying in a hotel till you find affordable Accommodation in Sydney. However be careful to the (very) expensive prices of these hotels: in Sydney it’s quite complicated to find a room for less than $100 per night! But other solutions exist, often less expensive, to get affordable accommodation in Sydney. Why not try out Lenards Homestays?

Lenards Homestay Agency is a Sydney based homestay provider with a chain of homestays in Sydney & its suburbs offering affordable accommodation in Sydney for international students.

Sydney is the first point of entry into Australia for international students, professionals and tourists. Lenards Homestays has over 900 selected short term and long term homestay accommodation options available including Homestays, Apartments and Share Apartments (part of a family home) available within a 50 km radius of Sydney City Centre & the beautiful Northern Beaches. Lenards offers a home away from home for many first timers.

Like to know more about our services, rent and other facilities? Browse through or feel free to reach us at +612 9970 8099.

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LENARD HOMESTAY agency is one of the famous affordable accommodation in sydney with advanced facilities.

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