Sydney Tower

The tallest free-standing structure in Sydney and the second tallest in Australia, the Sydney Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. This golden spire-topped turret rises from the busy Centre point shopping mall. Express lifts whisk visitors to the observation deck at the top or to SKYWALK, an alfresco glass-floor viewing platform. While up there, sightseers can enjoy panoramic views of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs or grab a bite to eat at one of the revolving restaurants or the café. Also on offer is a 4D cinema experience, which provides an overview of the city's major icons. Sydney Tower Skywalk, or just Skywalk, is an open-air, glass-floored platform circling Sydney Tower at a height of 260m above ground level. The moving viewing platform extends out over the edge of the main structure of Sydney Tower. This attraction is more than twice as high as the popular Bridge Climb walk to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. From the platform the seaward horizon is 58 kilometres away,although inland features such as the Blue Mountains can be seen at further distances.